Make your own headlines

Here’s a secret to help you make your own headlines. All you have to do is make a list of all the things you’re interested in. Then shorten that list to the things that you are really passionate about.

Here’s a few from my own list. I’m interested in how to build muscle, how to lose weight, how to make money and how to be more popular. I’m also interested in being a better fisherman, having better people and communication skills and selling skills. Anyway you get the idea.

Now start writing your own list. When you’re done, go along to the magazine rack in your local store or supermarket. Now if you’re interested in say building more muscle, check out the  Men’s health and fitness magazines and scan the headlines on the covers until one grabs your attention and compells you to open up the magazine and read the article inside.

If the headline has done it’s job and it should have or it wouldn’t be there in the first place, the process on your part will seem effortless and natural.

And that my friend is how a good headline should work. I do this all the time and then I’ll take the headline that’s worked its ‘magic’ on me and use it to make my own. All you have to do is adapt it to suit your own product or service. For example I’ve seen the old headline “Do you make these mistakes in English,” changed to read, “Do you make these mistakes when building muscles? And because I’m interested in building muscles, I checked out the article.


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How to write a headline

Your headlines first job is to capture your potential readers attention and then persuade them to continue reading your content or sales copy. I am interested in money making ideas so when I see a headline that promises to show me how to do this I am straight away ‘hooked’ because I’m already ‘wired’ to respond to this type of headline. You must also leave your reader feeling as if you’ve left something out so they want or need to find out more. If you tell them everything in the headline, they won’t need too!

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Are your headlines missing these vital components?

Your headlines first job is to capture the potential readers attention and then persuade them to continue reading the rest of our message or sales copy.

But are you leaving out these vital components that could make them even more effective?

For example when you write your headline do you think of the biggest problems your customers or clients may be facing?

So when your customers or clients come across your copy will they see a headline  that meets a need or solves a problem they may have?

And will this headline contain a benefit that they want or need and persuade them to continue on reading to find out what this benefit is?

Take a look at the headline above. Do you think this headline contains these vital components that I’m talking about?

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The fastest way to write effective headlines

Here’s a short cut to writing headlines quicker. Most copywriters have what is called a swipe file.They use other successful headlines to create  their own headlines. As I mentioned before the best place to find other successful headlines is on the covers of top selling magazines. Cosmopolitan, Men’s and Women’s Health magazines are very good examples of these types of magazines. Read and study these headlines and ajust them to fit your product or service.

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Something every headline writer needs to know

When you are creating a headline remember that people will always pay attention to a headline if it suggests that there is something in it for them. They may want to lose weight, build more muscle, look more beautiful, discover something new or learn more about a subject.

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How to write a newspaper headline

A newspaper headlines first job is to catch and hold the attention of readers. It then has to persuade the reader to continue on reading the article. They are usually short about five or six words because space in a newspaper is limited. They maybe short and to the point but must contain enough information to give your reader a good idea on what the rest of the story is about. Good newspaper headlines tell you what is happening, are usually provocative,  and will compel you to read the rest of the story.

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The best type of headline

The best way to write a headline is to give your reader some type of news they will benefit from, but also make them feel as if you have left something out so they want to find out more.

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