Are your headlines missing these vital components?

Your headlines first job is to capture the potential readers attention and then persuade them to continue reading the rest of our message or sales copy.

But are you leaving out these vital components that could make them even more effective?

For example when you write your headline do you think of the biggest problems your customers or clients may be facing?

So when your customers or clients come across your copy will they see a headline  that meets a need or solves a problem they may have?

And will this headline contain a benefit that they want or need and persuade them to continue on reading to find out what this benefit is?

Take a look at the headline above. Do you think this headline contains these vital components that I’m talking about?


About createheadlines

I have studied headline writing and my goal is to help other marketers improve their headlines so they attract more readers to their sites. I can also help you write a more effective call to action to get more of these readers to click the links in your ads, sales copy and website. If you need any help just email me at
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