How to write online headlines

When you write a online headline make sure it contains some sort of benefit in the form of news for your reader plus curiosity. Curious to know more.You must make them feel as if you have left something out so they want to find out more. Do this for all your ads, sales copy, blog posts, articles and email messages.

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Headlines that work

Your headlines must grab people’s attention immediately. To find some good examples of headlines that do this, check out the magazine rack at your local supermarket or book store. Magazines like Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and Women’s Health have great examples of headlines that do this. If they didn’t nobody would buy the magazines. You can study these to create your own winning headlines.

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How to write a call to action

The purpose of your call to action is to ask your readers to take the next step. You want the reader to take action so tell them exactly what to do. Call this number, click this link for more info, email me now. Remember, many readers will not take acton unless you invite them to do so.

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How to ask your readers to click your links

As we have already discussed the purpose of the call to action is to ask readers to click the links in your ads and sales copy. But knowing how to ask your readers is the secret to getting more clicks. So when you write a call to action make sure you include the main benefit of the product instead of just saying click here, email me now, call me now.

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The purpose of the headline

A good effective headline should not only catch your readers attention, it should also convince them that you have something to say and that they should keep on reading the rest of your ad, content or sales page. When this happens, there’s more chance your readers will stay longer on your pages and your site therefore increasing the chances of them becoming subscribers or customers.

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Hello world!

Hi everyone it’s Trevor here. My goal is to help other marketers improve their headlines so they attract more readers to their sites. I can also help you improve your call to action so you’ll get more clicks to your site. I’ve had a interest and studied these topics for a number of years now and I’ve also written  small ads to promote my own home services business. This is how I got started. I hope I can help you too.


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